In the coming sections, we’ll dive a deeper into Wrestling Ghosts to have a look at Kim’s therapeutic journey and the various methods she and her coaches used to help her successfully face her blocks head-on. We highly recommend watching the film for a fuller understanding of the techniques she used.

Before we go much further, we want to say that there are many forms of talk therapy. Probably the most important part of a therapy journey is choosing the right therapist. Make sure your coach or therapist is trauma-informed (knows about ACEs). Choosing a therapist can be really hard. We loved this New York Times article, it’s full of very specific advice that are likely to help you finding the right person for you.

In addition to therapy, Kim was encouraged to JOURNAL. Journaling is a powerful healing tool that we can do on our own. Studies show that writing down our bad experiences is healing. It reduces our stress and even improves immune function. And it’s something we can encourage in our children, to allow them to safely express their feelings on paper.  

Now, let’s look at the first therapeutic method available to us.