cycle of trauma


With the support of her coach, and her husband, Kim makes significant improvements as she understands how her past has affected her present. But she doesn’t have a breakthrough until she learns that people who are raised with ACEs have gone through actual physical, neurobiological changes as a result of that abuse that can make them less able to respond appropriately to their own children. This can create a cycle of trauma. Our emotional state is our child's emotional state; if we are still suffering, most likely, they will as well. Understanding how toxic stress is passed down from one generation to the next can help us heal in the present. We know it’s not easy, but just starting with awareness is a great first step.

Rest assured, the brain is reparable, and it is very possible for us to mend, to transform our lives, and to break the cycle of trauma. Once we can comprehend how childhood trauma has impacted our own body and brain, we can begin to identify how we’re stuck, and start the next step: our healing journey.