Wrestling Ghosts is a raw, intimate, and heart-opening documentary about parenting, childhood trauma and healing. Wrestling Ghosts follows the epic inner journey of Kim, a young mother who, over two heart-breaking and inspiring years, battles the traumas from her past to create a new present and future for her and her family. In this intimate portrait, Kim shares deeply personal moments that most of us keep secret in shame, and invites us into her counseling sessions. With her counselors’ help, Kim opens up to new ways of thinking and uncovers what has blocked her from experiencing the joy and connection she most desires. She learns about the impact of childhood trauma on her brain, and how, tragically, this very damage causes the trauma to be passed on to her own children. Armed with knowledge and compassion, she pursues new strategies to heal herself

"Wrestling Ghosts is very moving and very stirring—a real accomplishment. The portrayal both of mental suffering and of therapy is profound and beautifully done." -Andrew Solomon, Author of The Noonday Demon & Far from the Tree

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WRESTLING OUR GHOSTS is this website, which takes you through a similar process to Kim’s in the film.  We want to support YOUR healing journey. With well-researched methods, we look at how the ghosts of childhood continue to affect our current lives and parenting methods. Together, we’ll explore how to create more joy and connection with our partner, and how to raise vibrant and resilient children.




Struggling with the same problems with your children over and over? Having the same fights with your spouse about what to  feed the kids ? Are you curious to hear if what happens in your home is common or normal but afraid to share with your friends for fear of their judgment? Ask Kathy!  Kathy is a parenting coach with many years of experience. She’s also an expert on children’s development and education.





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