tapping out our ghosts

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

With the right therapist, EFT is a great tool to keep us centered and in the present while probing our painful past. “Tapping” helps us stay in that uncomfortable place while taking the negative charge out of a memory. Often, we are so good at moving away from pain and discomfort that bad memories keep a hold on us (maybe in a physical way, by holding our brain hostage). We tap until we’ve drained the negative charge from the bad memory. All that’s left is the memory without the damaging impact on us in the present.

With Victor Lee Lewis, a “tapping” coach, Kim is able to push past some stuck areas on her healing journey. Notice how he has her continue to tap herself throughout their meeting.

Once we understand the basic ideas of EFT, we can practice on our own or with the help of a therapist. Note that EFT is a controversial method, and has not yet been proven successful for treatment.

With tapping, we can loosen the straightjacket that’s kept us tied up. We can lead a fuller life.