At a parenting class, Kim talks about her difficulties connecting with her children. “I want to want to include them,” she says.


In this scene, the cyclical nature of trauma is revealed as Kim's mom shares her story and acknowledges "I wasn’t always the role model of a mother… and I put you and my other children through a lot of hell.” 


In counseling, Kim shares her deepest fear that nothing can make her happy and, prompted by the counselor, Matt practices reflecting back to Kim what he heard her say.



Gabriel sings along to Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball.


Kim tries EFT “Tapping” with Victor Lee Lewis. We learn more about the memories she tries to avoid.

“I knew I was gonna light up like a Christmas tree.” Kim sees the neurological evidence behind her trauma.



Kim progress isn't comic-book but it is real! In this scene we watch how her connection with her children has shifted and how she is now able to play with her kids.